Various Questions Frequently Faced by Interracial Couples

Dating someone from your race can be tricky at times, not to mention someone from a totally different race. About 49 years ago, interracial marriage was illegal in the United States but today, look around and you’ll see a good number of interracial couples enjoying their marriage life. If all your life you’ve never had friends from different races, it may be difficult thinking towards dating someone from a different race. That’s when you see people asking various funny questions that interracial couples are just completely fed up of hearing. If you have however made up your mind to date interracially, below are a couple of questions you should expect to hear frequently.

Aren’t you bothered about Racial Stereotypes?

Common stereotypes include:

Black men end up in jail,

Japanese men are emotionally unavailable,

Mexican men cheat, and

White women are loose.

Always be ready to hear people ask you how you feel about these stereotypes and even more. People need to learn that those are just myths and even though such things happen, it’s just a fallacy of generalization; and not everyone is affected.

How do you feel about her Family and how does her Family Feel about You?

This is a question you’ll hear more often than not but try not to take it personal as people who ask this question may just need a solution to their problem. It’s possible the person’s family doesn’t accept interracial relationships and want to know how you managed to convince your family on it.

Why didn’t you go with someone in the Same Race as You?

While some may ask this question from a genuine heart, it sounds a bit racist. Dating has to do with the heart and things of the heart are to be taken very seriously because a man with a damaged heart cannot live. The major criteria for choosing whom to date or marry shouldn’t have race as one of it except you hail from a community that highly discriminates people from other races.

How about your Children; Aren’t you worried about their Looks?

The appearance of children is strongly determined by the looks of both parents so if a handsome black dude marries a beautiful Caucasian Blonde, how do you think their children would look? They’ll obviously look charming and adorable so it has nothing to do with race but the appearance of both parties. The only time anyone should be bothered about the offspring of a couple is when both husband and wife – whether from the same race or not – don’t look too cute.

Don’t you Feel Bad at times not being able to express yourself in your Language?

It is true that people are more comfortable communicating in their mother tongue but that should have no impact on your relationship; besides who says you shouldn’t express yourself in your language? It’s not compulsory she responds to your statement. As long as she isn’t irritated, you are free to say whatever you want in your language. At times couple agree to learn each other languages and that’s really romantic as it would definitely strengthen their bond the more.

So these are just few of many  biracial dating questions interracial couples face every day. While some may sound constructive and asked for knowledge sake, others are simply silly; however, you don’t need to respond in a harsh tone. Just answer as politely as possible or let the person know you are not in the mood to answer questions if it irritates you.

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