Tips for Men: How to Date a Strong Black Woman


The Strong Black woman is easy to find. They are the ones who you ever been afraid to talk to, they seem to be independent and knowing their price well. In most of the cases it’s hard for them to find a proper partner because even if they find one, they seem to be out of the league. Mostly it depends on a bad past and the way they had been treated by another guy. However, it’s not impossible to date a strong black woman. They do have power but with few tips and tricks, you will meet their hearts easily.


  • Be yourself


This one seems easy but it might not be like that if you have a girl with a strong character next to you. You cannot pretend someone you are not, just to make a great impression and catch her attention. This will lead to lots of misunderstandings in the future. You cannot pretend to be a strong and bossy style of guy if you are not. Some strong and independent girls prefer to have a little bit weak and witty guys so they can take control over the relationship.


  • Don’t talk much about past relationships


Talking about past love experiences is a topic which shall appear sooner or later while dating. This is perfectly normal to describe your past relationships even in a good light, however, this is a big NO to whine about them and play the victim. Even if you past relations weren’t successful and left a big scar on your heart, it’s better to say about them shortly, instead of going into details. The thing you shall do is to focus on present and current date situation.


  • Be ready for serious commitment


If you feel like she is the one for you, go for it. There’s no need to be scared or thinking twice if your heart tells that she is a perfect match. Let her know about your future with her and make her look at the same side. However, if you are not sure about your feelings and willing to marry, do not even mention it. Strong girls will take a marriage words serious, so if you break them, you can call it quit.


  • Admit your mistakes


Being wrong and have misunderstandings are normal especially while international dating. Do not be afraid to say “sorry” and admit what you did wrong. Learn from mistakes. Do not let her know that the mistake you made is somehow caused by her and no cultural knowledge. You cannot blame her for something she had any idea about.


  • Freedom


Strong girls need their freedom and personal space. If she is asking for you some time alone, give it to her instead of being angry and disappointed. Giving freedom allows her to refocus and be refreshed, be more commitment into a relationship and understand your culture in a proper way. If you will try to control your partner, she will run away.



  • Money


People say that money is roots of evil, but let’s face the truth. Everyone needs them. To win a heart of strong black lady you need to make her sure that you can make proper cash for a living. Having future together means having common funds. If she cannot see that your payment is enough for the two of us, she won’t go any further.


Strong and independent girls are all over the world. Doesn’t matter if you are into Black dating, Vietnamese dating or Polish one, you will come across ladies who are not going to date you that easily. If you are sure to date girl with a strong mind, we hope that all tips listed above will come in handy.

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