Keeping your date as a private secret- pros and cons

biracial datingEverybody loves to have secret and keep it under wrap. Some secrets are so very personal that they could not be shared with others, and keeping them under wrap is somewhat justified.  There are some other secrets that could not be kept as secret for a long time, and will be known to all. Your dating is one such secret that could not be kept under wrap for a long time. One of the reasons, adduced by interracial couple, in keeping their dating a secret is due to the fear of comments and criticism they may receive from others. Unfortunately, still there are educated people who believe that their criticism based on the race; ethnicity, color and creed are justified. Parents, when they are judgmental, they behave like that due to the fear that they may face criticism from their clan. So, when you foresee such a situation, you may not like to hurt their sentiments and feelings and try to keep your interracial dating secret and under wrap. Though you may justify the reason for keeping your date as a secret, it amounts to morally cheating your parents. Imagine a situation that despite keeping your date as a secret, they come to know from others, what an amount of agony and pain they’ll undergo. So, you must discuss the issue and its ramifications with your date and strategize a move that would make your dating a success.

Now, let us look at the reasons for keeping your date under wrap with your peers and friends. Interracial dating may cause you anxiety and you may lie to others about it. As you know, lies are easily detectable and you cannot be reeling out lies for ever as you are bound to miss its continuity. The best option would be to make your interracial dating known to your friends and peers, of course, keeping it as a secret for a very short time. To make your dating known to others, you must also take your date into confidence, discuss the pros and cons of letting out your secret and chart out the best time and method to disclose it to others. This kind of discussion and strategy will help you as a dating couple, to know each one better and help both of you bond much more closely. Once the matter is known to your friends and peers, initially, some may try to prevail upon you by giving advice and try to discourage your interracial dating. Be patient with them and just listen and ignore their advice. After sometime, they will lose interest in the matter and come around along with other encouraging friends and colleagues to encourage you. The most important thing in dealing with your dating is that, having convinced to date a person from another race or creed; you should stand by your commitment and not desert your date for the fear of receiving negative comments from your parent, peers and friends.

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