Congratulations, for becoming a truly global citizen, by taking that bold step to date a person outside your race. Races and their color are not of their own liking or making, but because of the geographical location and climate their ancestors were born. Only broadminded view and openness to approach this issue about race would help solve the problems and agonies, the races are undergoing today. Though much is talked about individual freedom to choose a partner for life, that sarcastic look glanced at the passing interracial couple is a common sight all over the world. This is more prevalent in the cases of aRead More →

Everybody loves to have secret and keep it under wrap. Some secrets are so very personal that they could not be shared with others, and keeping them under wrap is somewhat justified.  There are some other secrets that could not be kept as secret for a long time, and will be known to all. Your dating is one such secret that could not be kept under wrap for a long time. One of the reasons, adduced by interracial couple, in keeping their dating a secret is due to the fear of comments and criticism they may receive from others. Unfortunately, still there are educated peopleRead More →

                  Many of you would have come across so many interracial couples, like white men dating black women, and thought of why these white men are so fond of and love black women. First, in the scenario of dating, more black women are becoming interested in white men than ever before. It’s also a fact that black women are making a mark as a true and sincere partner in dating, which make them succeed in choosing a partner for life. But at the same time, there are still a number of white men who do not haveRead More →

              There has been some kind worry tagged on to persons who date a person outside their race. Generally people worry about many things which are not worries at all. You may worry about an incident that may or may not happen. If the incident doesn’t happen, all your worries go in the drain but as feared when the incident actually happens that would not be so worrisome. So why do you worry at all? The kind of worry now we are talking is about most of the daters who worry when he/she date a person belonging to aRead More →