Even though many people in the United Kingdom are fine with interracial couples, there are also a few people who still find swirl dating to be awkward. Such people ask questions, give suggestions, and pass insults pertaining to racial stereotyping. This shows us how our society still not accepts interracial relationships and marriages. However, this is not the right thing. Everyone should have the freedom of choosing a partner, even if the partner belongs to a different race or culture. No outside party should give their opinion or express their dislike over it. Nonetheless, people don’t understand this and don’t shy away from asking annoyingRead More →

The Strong Black woman is easy to find. They are the ones who you ever been afraid to talk to, they seem to be independent and knowing their price well. In most of the cases it’s hard for them to find a proper partner because even if they find one, they seem to be out of the league. Mostly it depends on a bad past and the way they had been treated by another guy. However, it’s not impossible to date a strong black woman. They do have power but with few tips and tricks, you will meet their hearts easily.   Be yourself  Read More →

Dating someone from your race can be tricky at times, not to mention someone from a totally different race. About 49 years ago, interracial marriage was illegal in the United States but today, look around and you’ll see a good number of interracial couples enjoying their marriage life. If all your life you’ve never had friends from different races, it may be difficult thinking towards dating someone from a different race. That’s when you see people asking various funny questions that interracial couples are just completely fed up of hearing. If you have however made up your mind to date interracially, below are a coupleRead More →

  There are some voices in the black community that believe the new wave of interracial relationships happening right now is a problem.  But is this the case or is it just a case of jealousy?  While it’s true that some couples get together for less than honorable reasons, the truth is there a number of motivating factors that lead to interracial love. Is It All About Popularity? Some people think that the media is influential in increasing numbers of interracial couples, since many high profile celebrities seem to prefer lovers or even spouses of a different race.  While it is true that you willRead More →

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Coco Austin and Ice-T – Coco Austin was dating the swimsuit model Nicole Austin and they turned that into a marriage by 31st December 2001. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – These two can be considered as the most famous celebrity interracial couple that exist on the planet. They married few years ago and now they are appearing together in the cover page of many different magazines. Kim gave birth to Kanye West’s baby during 2013. Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom – Khloe Kardashian married that famous NBA basketball player back in 2009. However, their relationship was not so perfect, which lead to the divorceRead More →