Things you shouldn’t say to interracial couples

Even though many people in the United Kingdom are fine with interracial couples, there are also a few people who still find swirl dating to be awkward. Such people ask questions, give suggestions, and pass insults pertaining to racial stereotyping.

This shows us how our society still not accepts interracial relationships and marriages. However, this is not the right thing. Everyone should have the freedom of choosing a partner, even if the partner belongs to a different race or culture. No outside party should give their opinion or express their dislike over it.

Nonetheless, people don’t understand this and don’t shy away from asking annoying black white dating questions from such couples. Most of these questions are outright rude and disgusting. I’ve listed a few questions below that multiracial couples are often asked.

If you date someone outside your race, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get men within your own community. Dating is all about whom you gel with, who understands you, and who gets you.
This is what matters ultimately. It doesn’t mean that you hate all men of your race nor it has anything to do with the skin tone of the other person. Therefore, you shouldn’t let racial diversity hinder you to find true love.

Before starting off with this question, as a person in love with a different race partner, let me ask you, does this really matter? You are a family. Racial identity, label, and ethnicity have nothing to do with your family. Just because your kids are born out of two distinct races, they don’t have to live a stereotype created by the people. Your kids don’t have to pick any one race over the other.

Just because two people belong to different races, it doesn’t mean their parents wouldn’t be happy with their relationship. Don’t assume that their parents won’t give their consent to their relationship just because they don’t belong to the same race. So, stop asking questions like these. It doesn’t matter what culture two people are from.

It’s wrong to inquire from an interracial dating couple whether the stereotypes are actually true or not. A lot of people ask interracial couples stereotypical questions like are black men really endowed, are Latinos better lovers, etc. Such questions are very awkward. You cannot define your partner on the basis of a stereotype.

So, these are some of the questions that interracial couples have to deal with in the UK and around the world. I would say that when two people are in love and understand each other, irrespective of their race, culture, and gender, you should respect that.

Interracial couples are just like regular couples. So, they shouldn’t be treated differently. Mixed race couples should be respected. You should place yourself in their shoes and then you’ll know how embarrassing such questions are and this might solve the problem altogether.

Tips for Men: How to Date a Strong Black Woman


The Strong Black woman is easy to find. They are the ones who you ever been afraid to talk to, they seem to be independent and knowing their price well. In most of the cases it’s hard for them to find a proper partner because even if they find one, they seem to be out of the league. Mostly it depends on a bad past and the way they had been treated by another guy. However, it’s not impossible to date a strong black woman. They do have power but with few tips and tricks, you will meet their hearts easily.


  • Be yourself


This one seems easy but it might not be like that if you have a girl with a strong character next to you. You cannot pretend someone you are not, just to make a great impression and catch her attention. This will lead to lots of misunderstandings in the future. You cannot pretend to be a strong and bossy style of guy if you are not. Some strong and independent girls prefer to have a little bit weak and witty guys so they can take control over the relationship.


  • Don’t talk much about past relationships


Talking about past love experiences is a topic which shall appear sooner or later while dating. This is perfectly normal to describe your past relationships even in a good light, however, this is a big NO to whine about them and play the victim. Even if you past relations weren’t successful and left a big scar on your heart, it’s better to say about them shortly, instead of going into details. The thing you shall do is to focus on present and current date situation.


  • Be ready for serious commitment


If you feel like she is the one for you, go for it. There’s no need to be scared or thinking twice if your heart tells that she is a perfect match. Let her know about your future with her and make her look at the same side. However, if you are not sure about your feelings and willing to marry, do not even mention it. Strong girls will take a marriage words serious, so if you break them, you can call it quit.


  • Admit your mistakes


Being wrong and have misunderstandings are normal especially while international dating. Do not be afraid to say “sorry” and admit what you did wrong. Learn from mistakes. Do not let her know that the mistake you made is somehow caused by her and no cultural knowledge. You cannot blame her for something she had any idea about.


  • Freedom


Strong girls need their freedom and personal space. If she is asking for you some time alone, give it to her instead of being angry and disappointed. Giving freedom allows her to refocus and be refreshed, be more commitment into a relationship and understand your culture in a proper way. If you will try to control your partner, she will run away.



  • Money


People say that money is roots of evil, but let’s face the truth. Everyone needs them. To win a heart of strong black lady you need to make her sure that you can make proper cash for a living. Having future together means having common funds. If she cannot see that your payment is enough for the two of us, she won’t go any further.


Strong and independent girls are all over the world. Doesn’t matter if you are into Black dating, Vietnamese dating or Polish one, you will come across ladies who are not going to date you that easily. If you are sure to date girl with a strong mind, we hope that all tips listed above will come in handy.

3 Types of Intimacy that Matter for Interracial Couples

Couples today report that their biggest relationship problem comes from feeling disconnected from their partner – and this is not just in terms of sexual intimacy. Disconnection and interracial relationships comes in many forms. In fact, it doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are and whether it is heterosexual or lesbian dating, you will discover that there are three types of intimacy that matter for your relationship. In order to have a long successful relationship, it’s important to understand each type and how it can impact your personal life.

Sexual Intimacy

The most important and well-known type of intimacy is sexual intimacy. This physical chemistry between two people impacts all aspects of the relationship both inside and outside the bedroom. First and foremost, it is important to understand that not all individuals actively need intense physical intimacy to be happy in their relationship. The idea that this is necessary is one of the reasons why some couples find themselves separated emotionally and physically. Physical intimacy is not just about acts in the badger but also about the way we respond to the touch and feel of our partner. As your relationship grows, discussing sexual needs and desires should be at the forefront of your conversation to help ensure that you are both are able to meet each other’s needs and have a potential future.

Mental Intimacy

One type of intimacy that is considered more rare is mental intimacy. This is most common and necessary among intellectual types. These are the types of individuals who put a lot of value in their relationship if they are able to have deep meaningful conversations with their partner. This can be philosophical, educational, or even successfully discussing differences of opinion. Intellectual types tend to think that mental intimacy is far more important than physical or emotional intimacy. This can be one of the reasons why people who are smarter tend to struggle in relationships. In terms of your own relationship, it is important to take the time to understand what level of mental connection you are looking for in a partner and actively seek out someone who can fulfill that right from the start. A common mistake in interracial relationships is thinking that your partner will change or elevate to your level when that is simply not built within their personality.

Emotional Intimacy

The most common type of intimacy for all of us to experience is emotional intimacy. This is a bond which we experience from birth. We feel emotional intimacy with our parents as children and that shapes how we interact with another individual. Emotional intimacy is what makes us content and satisfied with quiet nights sitting next to someone we care about. It is a level of intimacy that keeps us feeling safe and secure with our partner in a way that we cannot describe or define. Emotional intimacy can come in many forms in which we show our partner that we care for them. This includes everything from small acts of selflessness to kind comments. No matter who you are, emotional intimacy is considered the most valuable aspect of any relationship.

As you get to know someone new in your interracial relationship you will find new and meaningful ways to meet all forms of intimacy that are important to your partner and to you.

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Various Questions Frequently Faced by Interracial Couples

Dating someone from your race can be tricky at times, not to mention someone from a totally different race. About 49 years ago, interracial marriage was illegal in the United States but today, look around and you’ll see a good number of interracial couples enjoying their marriage life. If all your life you’ve never had friends from different races, it may be difficult thinking towards dating someone from a different race. That’s when you see people asking various funny questions that interracial couples are just completely fed up of hearing. If you have however made up your mind to date interracially, below are a couple of questions you should expect to hear frequently.

Aren’t you bothered about Racial Stereotypes?

Common stereotypes include:

Black men end up in jail,

Japanese men are emotionally unavailable,

Mexican men cheat, and

White women are loose.

Always be ready to hear people ask you how you feel about these stereotypes and even more. People need to learn that those are just myths and even though such things happen, it’s just a fallacy of generalization; and not everyone is affected.

How do you feel about her Family and how does her Family Feel about You?

This is a question you’ll hear more often than not but try not to take it personal as people who ask this question may just need a solution to their problem. It’s possible the person’s family doesn’t accept interracial relationships and want to know how you managed to convince your family on it.

Why didn’t you go with someone in the Same Race as You?

While some may ask this question from a genuine heart, it sounds a bit racist. Dating has to do with the heart and things of the heart are to be taken very seriously because a man with a damaged heart cannot live. The major criteria for choosing whom to date or marry shouldn’t have race as one of it except you hail from a community that highly discriminates people from other races.

How about your Children; Aren’t you worried about their Looks?

The appearance of children is strongly determined by the looks of both parents so if a handsome black dude marries a beautiful Caucasian Blonde, how do you think their children would look? They’ll obviously look charming and adorable so it has nothing to do with race but the appearance of both parties. The only time anyone should be bothered about the offspring of a couple is when both husband and wife – whether from the same race or not – don’t look too cute.

Don’t you Feel Bad at times not being able to express yourself in your Language?

It is true that people are more comfortable communicating in their mother tongue but that should have no impact on your relationship; besides who says you shouldn’t express yourself in your language? It’s not compulsory she responds to your statement. As long as she isn’t irritated, you are free to say whatever you want in your language. At times couple agree to learn each other languages and that’s really romantic as it would definitely strengthen their bond the more.

So these are just few of many  biracial dating questions interracial couples face every day. While some may sound constructive and asked for knowledge sake, others are simply silly; however, you don’t need to respond in a harsh tone. Just answer as politely as possible or let the person know you are not in the mood to answer questions if it irritates you.

Things people should learn about interracial dating

You and  your partner may be madly in love and not bothered at all that you are from different races but there will always be people who will keep bringing it up and making it into a big issue. These are the people who are generally not so aware of different races and cultures and who haven’t really realized that society has evolved. They also have a lot of wrong notions about interracial dating and don’t know much about it. Here are a few things every person should know about biracial dating, which will help him or her become more aware.


Most people associate interracial dating with black women white men meet. But race is much more than that- you can be an Asian dating a black guy or a Mexican dating an Asian etc. Don’t equate race with just color of a person’s skin. In fact you may find that a person may have ambiguous features that may be a combination of different races. It is important that first you learn all about interracial relationships and understand what their priorities are before you comment on them.


People may think that you have a fetish for a particular race when your date someone from that group.  But love has got more to do with mutual understanding and admiration rather than a particular interest in a person’s features and skin color.  If you find that you are only drawn to the person because of their race and find it new and exciting to date someone ‘different’, then maybe you are dating the person for the wrong reasons. If you are only fulfilling some fantasy of yours, be straightforward with the other person and tell them that this is not going to be a long-term affair.


Even though you do make a difference in society and show people that it is love that wins in the end, there will always be racist people who will keep thinking in a particular manner. You will not be able to solve racism by dating a person from a different race but you are encouraging more people to date interracially and thus helping the world move slowly towards racial equality.


People often assume that you are dating a person from another race so that you can feel validated and increase your status. They think that you harbor some kind of hatred towards your own race and are ashamed of it and thus date someone from another race so that you feel good about yourself. In any interracial relationship, the main criteria is always love and it is not right to assume that biracial partners choose each other because of their race.

These are a few things, people who are in biracial relationships as well as those who are not in biracial relationships should know about interracial dating.

8 Do’s and Do Not’s of Setting up Your Profile on Mixed Race Dating Sites

When it comes to finding love online, how you present yourself can have a big impact on the type of attention you receive – or don’t receive. Click here for some tips on what to do, and what not to do when setting up your profile.

The process of setting up a profile on your favorite mixed race dating sites might seem like a daunting task. The reason why mobile applications like Tinder have been so successful is because they make the setup process quick and simple so that users are able to jump into finding love. Unfortunately, that is exactly what these types of apps have a reputation for catering to hook-ups only. When you are serious about finding that special someone on a mixed race dating site, you need to also be serious about getting your profile setup accordingly. Here are some things that you should and should not do.

1. DO include a few sentences about yourself. Focus on the type of person you are, your career goals, and at least one short story of something interesting that you have done or has happened to you.

2. DO NOT brag excessively. Men, in particular, are known to overstate their achievements in an online dating profile. This immediately sends the message that you are full of yourself and can be a turn off to potential matches. Be proud of who you are but don’t get too cocky.

3. DO include multiple pictures. The first thing that users see in their match results is your photo. Be sure to include a variety of photographs of yourself that show off you doing different hobbies. Stick with natural lighting for the best images that naturally radiate your skin tone.

4. DO NOT include naked, altered, or poor quality photos. Potential matches want to see the real you. This means that they do not want to see photographs that have been photoshopped or edited with excessive filters and fake makeup. Also avoid photos that are low quality or do not let you be fully visible. Think: cell phone photos before the current age of high end integrated cameras.

5. DO Talk about what you are looking for in a partner. If you want to attract the right match, you need to set the right bait. In a few sentences, highlight the partner which you are looking for. Talk about their attributes, characteristics, and even their personality type.

6. DO NOT generalize or pick at certain features in a partner. A common mistake is to be overly bold about what you are not interested. I.E. If a man says that he is interested in an “exotic woman with beautiful curves” but then follows it up with “big black women need not apply.” Being this straightforward can actual deter the matches that you want.

7. DO fill out personality quizzes if available. Although personality assessments on mixed race dating sites can be tedious and time consuming, they are vital for a reason. These help users understand different parts of their personality and how it interacts with that of others. Matches are derived based on this information which means that you are more likely to connect with the individuals listed if you have adequately filled out the personality assessment.

8. DO NOT assume your matches are the end all. Be sure to check out those who do not show up in your immediate recommended matches. A computer can only do so much. Sometimes finding love is just outside of your set parameters.

Great interracial dating ideas in the UK

Are you into an interracial relationship? Do you want to explore a relationship outside your own race? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then this article is surely meant for you. Interracial dating is now beginning to be a trend.

Since the ancient times, love has not known any boundaries and limitations and in the modern world too it is the same. Interracial relationships are the biggest and the quintessential example of this. And, in the United Kingdom, it is more common to see interracial couples than anywhere in the world.

In this nation, you can easily find a partner from a different race than yours and form a meaningful interracial relationship with them. No matter if you are a White single, a Black single, a Caucasian single, an Asian single, a Latino or Hispanic single, or just a Mixed Race single, you can find your perfect partner from a different ethnicity in Britain.


Getting to know new people is quite easy as well as fun. You can do this by just talking to a classmate you have never talked to or starting a conversation with the person you see every day on your way to work. You can find new people in your very vicinity and start to talk with them. And, if you cannot find anyone interesting in the real world, you can opt for the virtual world.

You can go online and surf through the various sites of interracial dating in the UK. Then, you can make your profile on one of these sites and get to know new people. This way you can find like-minded and interesting people. You can chat with them, get to know them, and finally meet them if you like them.

Through the interracial dating websites or apps, you get a lot of options of people, which makes it easier to find your special someone across a different race. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to choose the one whom you find the most interesting and with whom you are the most compatible, thus resulting in a healthy relationship.


Once you have got your ideal interracial partner, it’s time to go on your first date with him or her. There are a lot of places in Britain, where you can go on a date. You can choose to opt for an indoor date, inside some fancy restaurant or out in the open, enjoying the weather. You can ask your date for some suggestions as to where they would like to go.

Irrespective of the location, you can enjoy a lot of dating activities on your date, which you both can enjoy together. For this, all you need is a romantic mindset and a little imagination. If you want to make it traditional, you can go for a dinner date to make it. In a nation like the United Kingdom, where people are now giving more attention to their health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, affordable and fresh food is not that much difficult to find.

If you want to impress your date, you can always opt for a Michelin starred restaurant. You can also go to Rhodes 24 or Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley, which are one of the most highly regarded restaurants in London. If you reside in Glasgow, then you can go to Black Sheep Bistro.

When outdoors, you can enjoy the weather, go on a long drive, or enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city. Getting some fresh air or exercising is also a great dating idea in the UK. Or else, a bike ride or a stroll in the countryside can also work.

So, get out and explore the different cities of the United Kingdom for a nice UK interracial dating experience.

Are Asian guys attracted to latina women?

Dating by Asian guys differ from continent to Continent, in the sense that, dating by an Asian will be different in China or India when compared to the dating by an Asian in western countries. In Asia, Asian children are still under the influence of parents in the matter related to dating and Asians are yet to welcome Inter racial marriages with open arms and minds. While in a Western world, it is common to see interracial couples; in most Asian countries you can see interracial couples mainly as tourists. This topic of Asian guys’ attraction to Latinas centers on Asians working or living in places other than Asia. Asians males are generally respected for their studies, hard work to succeed life, the love they shower on their families and the bond they create between husband and wife. Who will not be attracted to Latinas, and how can an Asian be an exception? The problem with the lower percentage of Asian men latina women dating  is due to the reason that Asians in Western world are lesser in number when compared to other races and the Asian has quite a choice of dating Asians, Blacks, whites, Hispanics and Latinas. Research reveals surprisingly, that Latina girls receive more responses than Asian girls from Asian men. Could it be due to the fact that Latinas are closely related to the Asians than Europeans in similarities in skin tone and facial structure that has triggered higher rate of responses to them than the Asian girls? This above statement is only speculative and not scientific in the process to understand the math behind such attraction.

Latina girls of South American origin have that finest look when compared with any other girl in the world. The problem with the Asian guys is that most of them don’t even know whether they are attracted to Latina girls as Asian guys were not brought up in a dating culture as in Western culture. But things are changing for the better. Asians immigrated to West are now independent in their thinking and have strong likes and dislikes. Although family members of any Asian would love their children to marry a girl from their own race, interracial dating and marriages are happening now. As Asians and Latinas family structure is somewhat common, any Asian guy who values family ties would love to date a Latina girl. Dating scenario in the family of Asian guys living in the western world is going through a metamorphosis, and all the Asian guys have to do is introspect and ask them a question as to why they should not they date a Latina girl. We are sure, the answer would be only ‘YES’ as the Asian guy could see the Latina is attractive and the Latinas also value family system like the Asians. When an Asian guy makes a move to date a Latina girl, we are sure, that the Latina girls would be pleased to date him as they also like Asians for their honesty and family value system.

Why Do White Women Like Black Men?


There are some voices in the black community that believe the new wave of interracial relationships happening right now is a problem.  But is this the case or is it just a case of jealousy?  While it’s true that some couples get together for less than honorable reasons, the truth is there a number of motivating factors that lead to interracial love.

Is It All About Popularity?

Some people think that the media is influential in increasing numbers of interracial couples, since many high profile celebrities seem to prefer lovers or even spouses of a different race.  While it is true that you will observe a lot of spotlight going to the Kardashians and other TV celebrities that prefer cocoa-skinned partners, the truth is that we simply have a lot of freedom in this day and age.  Understand that open interracial dating simply was not a thing 50 years ago, not even in Hollywood.  To an extent, we are all just thrilled to have the freedom that we have.

Of course it is possible that many young women are just experimenting, or perhaps rebelling against their parents’ preferences.  That just comes with the territory.  The only harm comes when men start thinking that the relationship is more serious than it really is, and yes, it’s best to not wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to trusting women you just met.

More Angst-Ridden Reasons Why Women Date

Believe it or not, some black women, who feel cautious of why so many white women pursuing are black men have made a list of other common motivations.  Some say it’s because of stereotypes; namely that black men like larger women or are less discriminating than white men.

If the woman has already been with a variety of white men, then it’s only natural for her to wonder what the other side is like, sexually and intimately.  Lastly, sometimes plain old jealousy can be a motivator, especially if a woman is still in love with her ex…what better way to get his attention by dating a black man.
Of course, there are just some of the more paranoid reactions that certain people may have if they are not in favor of interracial dating though interracial dating sites are very popular.  More often than not, most couples simply like each other regardless of skin color and are attracted to the man’s personality.  True, you will also find some white women that are just interested in black culture and is very much attracted to black men’s physical appearance.

Whatever the case, there is no good purpose in shaming people for experimenting or following up on their attractions.  Follow your heart and never let other people define your relationship for you.  You may find that over time, the relationship loses steam and the two of you decide to break up.  Or, maybe you will discover that you do truly love each other and want to spend the rest of your life together.  Life is all about taking a chance and not letting other people stop you from going after what you want.  Take a chance and see what you discover!

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6 vital tips to gain confidence while on a first date with a white man

Are you extremely nervous because you are out on your first date with a white guy? Wondering about the best possible way to approach him and then have a conversation in a smart way? The success of your first date will certainly depend upon the confidence that you have in yourself when interracial dating. Below are discussed some of the vital tips to gain confidence and thereby face the special day of your life in a smart way.


1.Get dressed up in a well manner
The first and foremost important tip is to get dressed up in a well manner. Take ample amount of time to make sure that you look gorgeous and even smart enough for the special moment in your life. Getting well dressed is the first step that will help you to gain lots of confidence.

2.Don’t have the fear of getting rejected
While going for a date with a white man, you should not have the fear of getting rejected. You are just going for date so being rejected is certainly a part of this game. Try your ultimate level to be smart and thereby enjoy the moment in the best possible way.

3.Learn to accept complements
This is also one of the vital tips that will help you to gain confidence while you are on your first date. If the person before you compliments you forcefully about beauty or hair style then make sure to accept it in positive way.

4.You are deserved to be loved
This is certainly a vital point that you should keep in mind while on a date with a white man. No matter what you think about yourself, it will be wise for you to be aware that you are certainly deserved to be loved and respect.

5.Do not remember the last experience
This is also a vital tip that you must analyze in order to gain lots of confidence while going for a date. Are you extremely nervous because your last date was not a successful one? Get rid of this thought because it’s a new day and thereby make sure to face it in a confident and smart way.

6.Flaunt your strengths
Before going for a date, it will certainly be wise for you to analyze your strengths. You should always try to focus on your strengths in order to face your first date with a white man in the best possible way.

These are some of the vital tips that will enable you to boost lots of confidence while going out on a date with your favorite dating partner.

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