Are Asian guys attracted to latina women?

Dating by Asian guys differ from continent to Continent, in the sense that, dating by an Asian will be different in China or India when compared to the dating by an Asian in western countries. In Asia, Asian children are still under the influence of parents in the matter related to dating and Asians are yet to welcome Inter racial marriages with open arms and minds. While in a Western world, it is common to see interracial couples; in most Asian countries you can see interracial couples mainly as tourists. This topic of Asian guys’ attraction to Latinas centers on Asians working or living in places other than Asia. Asians males are generally respected for their studies, hard work to succeed life, the love they shower on their families and the bond they create between husband and wife. Who will not be attracted to Latinas, and how can an Asian be an exception? The problem with the lower percentage of Asian men latina women dating  is due to the reason that Asians in Western world are lesser in number when compared to other races and the Asian has quite a choice of dating Asians, Blacks, whites, Hispanics and Latinas. Research reveals surprisingly, that Latina girls receive more responses than Asian girls from Asian men. Could it be due to the fact that Latinas are closely related to the Asians than Europeans in similarities in skin tone and facial structure that has triggered higher rate of responses to them than the Asian girls? This above statement is only speculative and not scientific in the process to understand the math behind such attraction.

Latina girls of South American origin have that finest look when compared with any other girl in the world. The problem with the Asian guys is that most of them don’t even know whether they are attracted to Latina girls as Asian guys were not brought up in a dating culture as in Western culture. But things are changing for the better. Asians immigrated to West are now independent in their thinking and have strong likes and dislikes. Although family members of any Asian would love their children to marry a girl from their own race, interracial dating and marriages are happening now. As Asians and Latinas family structure is somewhat common, any Asian guy who values family ties would love to date a Latina girl. Dating scenario in the family of Asian guys living in the western world is going through a metamorphosis, and all the Asian guys have to do is introspect and ask them a question as to why they should not they date a Latina girl. We are sure, the answer would be only ‘YES’ as the Asian guy could see the Latina is attractive and the Latinas also value family system like the Asians. When an Asian guy makes a move to date a Latina girl, we are sure, that the Latina girls would be pleased to date him as they also like Asians for their honesty and family value system.

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