Mixed Race dating: 8 ways to tell he wants to be more than friends

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Mixed Race dating: 8 ways to tell he wants to be more than friends

Mixed Race dating: 8 ways to tell he wants to be more than friends Everyone with an active dating life on the interracial dating scene can say that they do

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How to get ready for your first date

  Are you going on your first date? What should you do when going on your first date? We know a lot of people ask these questions and therefore we

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Tips for Men: How to Date a Strong Black Woman

The Strong Black woman is easy to find. They are the ones who you ever been afraid to talk to, they seem to be independent and knowing their price well.

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3 Types of Intimacy that Matter for Interracial Couples

Couples today report that their biggest relationship problem comes from feeling disconnected from their partner – and this is not just in terms of sexual intimacy. Disconnection and interracial relationships

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Various Questions Frequently Faced by Interracial Couples

Dating someone from your race can be tricky at times, not to mention someone from a totally different race. About 49 years ago, interracial marriage was illegal in the United

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Things people should learn about interracial dating

You and  your partner may be madly in love and not bothered at all that you are from different races but there will always be people who will keep bringing

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8 Do’s and Do Not’s of Setting up Your Profile on Mixed Race Dating Sites

When it comes to finding love online, how you present yourself can have a big impact on the type of attention you receive – or don’t receive. Click here for

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Great interracial dating ideas in the UK

Are you into an interracial relationship? Do you want to explore a relationship outside your own race? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then this

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Are Asian guys attracted to latina women?

Dating by Asian guys differ from continent to Continent, in the sense that, dating by an Asian will be different in China or India when compared to the dating by

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Why Do White Women Like Black Men?

  There are some voices in the black community that believe the new wave of interracial relationships happening right now is a problem.  But is this the case or is